Craps Strategy: Manipulating the Dice

In most casino games, the only thing that you can have an influence in is your own bankroll and how you manage it. Most players are just passive observant as the cards are distributed or as the ball rolls on the roulette. In craps, however, user participation is highly encouraged. In fact, players get to decide their own fate by throwing the dice themselves. The dice are even passed around from player to player throughout the game.


Fairness of the Dice

Centuries ago, it wouldn’t have been difficult to find loaded dice being used in craps casino games, especially for those who played craps in the streets. However, these days it’s nearly impossible to find loaded dice. Casinos no longer have them, especially since everything is highly regulated these days. Does that mean that the dice can no longer be manipulated? Well, many people believe so. But there are some who say that they have the ability to manipulate the dice in order to increase the probability of the outcome that they like.

Is it plausible? Well, some people seem to think so. They call it ‘dice setting’. Dice Setting, according to those who do it, require a lot of practice. The basic principle is that you have to throw the dice in such a way that they will hit the wall and bounce but not change numbers. To do this, you have to grip it properly – gamblers say the best grip for the dice is to have as little contact with it as possible. Also, the dice must feel like a single solid object in your hands and not two separate ones. When you throw it, the two dice must stay together and not get separated. The dice will then land on the side which you placed right side up when you gripped it.

Again, this is very difficult to achieve, and some even say that it’s impossible. Try practicing the move and see if you have a knack for it.


Getting away with Dice Setting

First off, here’s something you need to know: dice setting is not illegal. However, if the casino catches you doing it, then they have the right to escort you out of the casino. So, you’ll have to work at being unobtrusive if you try dice setting. Don’t bet exclusively only when you throw the dice because that’s a sure way to get the casino to notice you. Also, try to throw the dice quickly before anyone notices what you’re doing – which is where all the practice will come in handy.

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