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Slot games are not a latest discovery in gambling world, perhaps they have been in circulation since centuries ago, but their latest avatars are indeed product of futuristic approach of online casino industry. In their earlier days, slots machines are typical hand operated consoles where players had to move some kind of lever to start a game, also there were not so many choices available. Today, slot games have been redefined completely by casinos think tanks; they are so exciting now that new players often tend to start their casino drive with a slot game. There are many things that have transformed the entire slots genre and some of them are analyzed herein below:


Multiple Reels

Classic slots games, which still exist today, consisted only three reels and one pay line, but today’s slot games have up to seven reels user interface along with up to 25 paylines to place bets on. Moreover, there are several bonus rounds as well to make their gameplay even more interesting. Though, many classic games have also modified their gameplay by including bonus and extra pay lines, but their feel is still classical. Some experienced players prefer to play slot games in their classic avatars; hence these games are still found in every online casino coz of their loyal fan clubs.


Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are the games which have revolutionized the entire gambling industry by forcing everyone to play a casino game, especially a progressive slot variant. Though, progressive jackpot have now been added to lots of other games, but progressive slots are still the most played online casino games despite their high pay through and minimum hitting ratio. Basically, progressive jackpot offers the true gambling character where anyone can be a millionaire right away, like many players who have made their fortune via various progressive jackpots in the past. Hence, everyone compares a progressive slot with a distinctive money spinning option.


Auto Play Features

Slot games are typically considered a low rollers’ cup of tea, but this theory has also been proved wrong by online casino industry by inputting an auto play option where even a high roller can impart in slot gambling without interfering with its messing options everytime he places a bet. Auto play is basically what it says, an option where number of predefined spins roll automatically. A player has just to choose the wagering amount with each spin, and when he wants machine to stop, like after 10 spins, 50 spins or so. However, if there is a hit in-between; game stops and greets the player about his prize.

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